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Diving in Mantanani Island - 5Days 4Nights



  • Lovely seafront bungalows
  • Good visibility up to 40metres
  • Opportunity to dive in 2 other nearby islands
  • Many species of Nudibranchs
  • Mantis shrimps, indian walkers, cuttlefish, turtles…
  • Dugongs feeding in shallow waters in front of the resort
  • Stunning sunsets where frigate birds gather in thousands
  • Magnificent view of Mt Kinabalu from the island


Day 1 : Kota Kinabalu - Kota Belud - Mantanani

Transfer from Kota Kinabalu to Kota Belud, an hour's drive away. Travel further into the Bajau Country to Usukan Bay where your boat is waiting. An hour speedboat ride will take you to the three islands of the Mantanani Group. After a short briefing, check into your bungalows on Mantanani Island. After lunch, proceed to a check-out dive and an afternoon dive.


Day 2 : Mantanani

Dive, dive and dive! 3 boat dives today.


Day 3 : Mantanani

You will have 3 boat dives today as well. Try walking to the other side of the island through the trail behind the resort. Or snorkel in the bay to look for Dugongs that comes in to feed on sea grass.


Day 4 : Mantanani

You will have 3 boat dives today too! During sunset, kayak around the bay for a magnificent view of Mt. Kinabalu where thoudsands of frigates that circle above you. We recommend that you skip the 3rd dive is you are flying the next day.


Day 5 : Mantanani - Kota Belud - Kota Kinabalu

Transfer to Kota Belud, then to Kota Kinabalu or airport (There must be a 24hours no-fly period after your last dive) for your onward flight journey.


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