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Sipadan–Mabul Resort (SMART)

“Home of the world’s best muck diving”, that is what Mabul Island; one of the trio islands famous for diving in the region is known for. The resort is undoubtedly well planned with a large and cozy restaurant area. There are plenty of space in the dive shop for washing and gearing up, chalets are comfortable with balconies facing the sea, a pool with Jacuzzi, and most of all fabulous food! The Resort also boasts a private beach well lined with breezy coconut palms.

Definitely one of the best dive resorts in this region!

The helpful staff assists in loading and unloading your gears onto the boat and switching tanks in between dives. Dive sites include Sipadan, Kapalai and of course Mabul itself. In Mabul, you will realize how well trained your eyes need to be. Marine life is so rich here that at almost every corner an elusive creature is waiting to be spotted: nudibranchs, frog fish, angler fish, ghost-pipe fish, sea horse, crocodile fish… After diving, you can head off to the jetty bar for an evening drink and simply soak up to the stunning sunset. The Resort also has a Technical Diving Centre and a professional photo and video studio, Scubazoo Video. Scubazoo Video takes dive video souvenirs. This resort is not just for creature spotting but creature comforts as well.

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